Workshops and Experiential Groups

Art Therapy Taster Session. August 2018

Make Your Own Joy in Life

Have you ever wanted to discover the artist within you, but have been too nervous to make a start, fearing you have no ability?

Art workshops help us express ourselves with an approach designed to help us relax. You will be encouraged to play with art materials such as paint, pastels, charcoal, pencils, or work with Play Dough. Simply come and enjoy the process and to be less self-critical.

Programmes are tailored to fit each participant, and participants are encouraged to work at their own pace. Everything produced is valued as part of the process of self- expression to find the unique creativity we all possess, but fear we do not have.

Sessions are for both adults or for children of all abilities. There is no right way to paint a picture.

Creativity From Within in her relaxed sessions encourages everyone to value everything that is produced, as all work is a part of the great process of learning to express oneself, and find the unique way of working that we all possess but don’t always know that we do. Everyone has an artist within him or her.

Recommended average lengths of time for Art Therapy are:

* Short-term: 6 – 26 weeks

* Long-term: 12 – 24 months

Suggestions for Group work You may be interested in using this service at work to look at group dynamics and teamwork issues. Also for students studying Health and Social Care and wish to find out How an Art Therapist works in the community.

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How Groups Work 

Group members share and explore experiences with each other. It can be refreshing to know you are not the only one having issues. You are not alone. Shared experiences, thoughts, difficulties and issues seem to be less of a burden on the self. Group members begin to learn about themselves. They begin to learn how there may be patterns in their lives, how issues began and how other people deal with or cope with those patterns. Group members can try out a new way of dealing with recurring situations. Relating to other people can be the difficult thing to do for some people and a group setting can be a safe way to learn how to relate to other people in a new way using art therapy.

Group art is not a lesson, group members can learn about each other in an open and honest way through art making. Group members can decide how their group is run. but the ability to discuss matters will be encouraged, to develop relationships. Group members can make group or individual art. The group decides!


Please respect confidentiality of the group

Not to use drugs or alcohol whilst attending art therapy groups

Switch off or turn the volume right down on all mobile phones

Regular attendance will benefit the individual and the group, even when painful situations arise.

Use the art materials carefully and appropriately

We all must respect each other, the room, and the therapist.

A General Practitioner or Primary Care Professional must be contacted before therapy starts, in order to give good care

Recommended Schedule: A commitment to weekly or bi-weekly sessions is encouraged to maintain the continuity and focus of the work.

If I participate in group therapy, I pledge to keep artwork and discussions of others in my art therapy group(s) confidential.

This is not a workshop for students wishing to find out about Art Therapy. Please use your favourite search engine to find out about your nearest college that provides Art Therapy courses

I do not offer placements or volunteering opportunities

Due to a very high amount of phone calls from individuals, who do not want me to contact their G.P. or named person in charge of their care, I have decided to only take referrals from registered professionals (care/healthcare/educational etc.)

It cannot be stressed enough that I have a duty of care and I must follow rules of the Health, Care and Professions Council.

I must be in communication with a named professional, even if it is to simply let them know that you are in therapy.

I MUST work in conjunction with other professionals and organisations, for your own safety.

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