Individual Art Therapy

Group Art Therapy Taster Session, 2018

Individual art therapy, also known as one-to-one work, usually takes place once a week at the same time.

Referrals are accepted from organizations such as schools, hospitals, care homes, and personal private inquiries.

Children must have permission from a carer before a referral is made.

Private referrals must have a G.P or care professional before a referral is made.

The individual sessions last for 50 minutes, usually once a week.

Recommended Schedule: A commitment to weekly or bi-weekly sessions is encouraged to maintain the continuity and focus of the work.

For more information, contact Monica on 07762782114

Please remember to have your General Practitioner/Care Professional details to hand. I will need your consent before contacting your General Practitioner. This is simply to let the Doctor know you are in therapy.

Please note that I will not offer Art Therapy without General Practitioner contact for your safety.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation on this very important matter

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