Hoax Communication Regarding Art Psychotherapy

Group Art Therapy Taster Session, 2018

I cannot tell you what to do and neither am I responsible for your actions. I can, however point out your consequences for your actions

I have had many phone calls and texts (all fake requests) regarding querying Art Therapy. I would like to point out, I am not wasting my time energy or phone costs in this activity. It is all down to the caller.

People are even going as far as asking for requests via our registration body.

I would like to point out that everything we do is DOCUMENTED and LOGGED when it comes to our registration body.

Please think twice before wasting YOUR OWN TIME making hoax requests for Art Therapy.

I will not hesitate to offer up my phone or computer activity to law enforcement If I feel there is harassment happening if this persists.

My best contact is by phone as per usual.

THE ONUS IS UPON YOURSELF to be mindful when using electronic communication as it is not always secure. I will not guarantee security over social media or electronic communication in any shape or form. Communication companies most definately keep logs of the use of their service.

“When it comes to love and loss, acceptance is never easy. We can’t make someone see all we have to give, make them love us, or make them change. All we can do is move on and stop wasting time.”

April Mae Monterrosa

Art Therapy London